Emerging skillsets sought by industries.

Look towards the future of work culture – the purpose-driven, people, and only a people-focused workplace. It is essential for HR professional to focus their attention on the human component of human resources management and people management to continue providing and engaging exceptional work experiences.

The skills that demonstrate, how we work with co-workers and bring new innovative ideas to the table. E.g. creativity, collaboration, persuasion, and emotional intelligence, etc. The industries are gravitating towards talent with interpersonal and people-oriented skills. Emotional intelligence acquired its place, while task-oriented skills remain critical to our accomplishment at work. The employer value our ability to work well with colleagues.

The most in-demand soft skills are all about how we work together…

1. Cognitive Flexibility: It is all about being a mental gymnast. How easily you can back and forth between the different systems of thought.  

2. Interpersonal Skills: The emerging trend of companies putting more emphasis on strong interpersonal skills, and employees who play well with others. Such non-routine interaction is at the heart of the human advantage over machines. 

3. Emotional Intelligence: It is something intangible that helps us tune into the kaleidoscope of human feelings, and measures how adaptable we are adjusting our behavior depending on the mood of others e.g.- colleague, partner, or even our own internal feelings.

4. People Management: Human beings are best at reading each other and able to associate with each other’s ideas and energy. However, it also means that they get demotivated and get distracted. So, it is vital that in the future, managers and team leaders know how to motivate their teams, maximize their productivity, and respond to their requirements.   

5. Creativity: If you are able to connect the dots between seemingly different information, and deliver all the unique ideas together to present something innovative then you are a creative person. Generally, you do not have 100% facts available to make a decision. So, how do you handle the situation on the basis of the information available to you? 

6. Critical Thinking: When you are being able to provide logic and reasoning to interrogate the problem, consider various solutions to the problem, all the pros, and cons of each approach which you are planning to consider to get the best outcome.  

7. Complex Problem Solving: Complex problem solvers will be in hot demand. The approach which you take to solve the problem and the way you consider and analyze the information with you to make a decision. This brings positive changes to the organization as well as for the employees. According to some research, problem-solving skills can be improved by playing a lot of video games.  

8. Negotiation: Being able to negotiate with your colleagues, executives, customers, and teams will be high up on the list of desirable skills. 

9. Judgment and decision-making: First, figure out what questions you want to answer, then set aside time to explore new data tools and technologies that can help you collect this information, once you have these two things. Learn how to manipulate the data and mine it for all it’s worth. 

10. Service Orientation: Getting a grip on service orientation involves stepping into the minds of users and thinking about what they value.

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