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Human Resources Management Factors

HR should emphasize how to support the organization to survive the turmoil. HR needs to slog on change policy and…

By Shobha Singh , in Human Resource Management , at August 22, 2020

HR should emphasize how to support the organization to survive the turmoil. HR needs to slog on change policy and guiding their business leaders on how to retain their teams engaged and performance to top levels – whereas recognizing that there has not been an actual return to business consultancy.

The human resource department is critical since all business activities, whether it is production, marketing, purchase, and finance, have to be reinforced by people. Human resource management is about how to use human resources successfully and efficiently in an organization. As human is different from machinery or goods, in the logic that they can think and sensibly, and likewise they vary among themselves hence managing people is perhaps the toughest job. Human Resource Management has to deal with several complex matters, such as recruiting employees, retaining employees, and motivating employees.

Human Resource Management (HRM) should prepare for a new foundation. We cannot imagine going back to the system we were in. As an alternative, we have to admit our new truth, living with COVID-19. HR needs to find a technique to move forward with assurance and optimism. Although, knowing that the market and organization are still in a state of uncertainty.

HR should emphasize how to support the organization to survive the turmoil. HR needs to slog on change policy and guiding their business leaders on how to retain their teams engaged and performance to top levels – whereas recognizing that there has not been an actual return to business constancy.

HR should admit that organization will stay working remotely. With this in mind, HR can well prepare for the upcoming development, how to conduct HR functions and procedures remotely.

Human resource management is going to be a powerful force for how we reconsider, reinvent, re-engineer, reform, and rejuvenate. We’ve seen how people truly are the most vital corporate assets.

Some factors help to improve human resources. 

1.  Holistic approach: Human resources should approach issues from different angles. HR should be connected to different parts of the organization. HR should be technology savvy and human-centric. HR should focus on senior management. But at the same time, HR should be very present in all the veins of the organization and close to the employees. So, holistic enter from different angles, and connect different parts, and be there for the organization and be there for society as well. 

2.  Be Kind: When we look in the HR domain there have been years that the slogan was, Let’s be tough and be kind. I liked it. Even it sounds very simple, but if that is our guiding principle, then a lot of issues disappear. We don’t need a lot of rules and regulations. If our starting point is let’s be kind, the world looks a lot brighter. So, let’s be kind. 

3.  An appreciation of complexity: HR professionals in organizations have a tendency to streamline things. We say, for example, turnover is high, what can we do? What is the measure that will decline staff turnover? What are the key drivers of engagement? But human behavior is not so simple to describe, and also not so simple to inspire. We need to have more appreciation for the complexity, and fortunately with all the help of people analytics. We can get a better sight of the complex world and try to find out actions that will help us.  

4.  Focus on really important issues: Generally, we focus on process development. How did we advance talent management, succession management, and performance management, etc.? All this focuses on the refining processes and often refining old processes and giving them a tiny twist. It did not lead to a happier and satisfying environment for employees. We still see is that process improvement is designed in a way that is more or less, one size fits all. As an alternative to focusing on process improvement, focus on the issues that are really crucial for the employees as well as for the organization. 

5.  Adaptive: With the technology of today, we can make the systems a lot more adaptive. Today we can go to an adaptive survey, and the survey kind of senses and calculates that the number of enters is enough. So, if after Ten answers they already have a good indication of our Big Five personality profiles. They just ask Ten questions or Fifteen questions instead of the usual hundred. It’s a lot more present for the people who fill the questionnaire. Instead of saying to everybody, this is the way we need to do it. Think about how we can make systems more adaptive. 

6.  Learning in the flow of work: It’s about how can we help people in their work while they are working to become better? First, we need to observe them in their work, and secondly, we have to be able to feed microlearning solutions that can help them at the moment when they really need it. Learning in the flow of work and with our imagination, we can see a lot of opportunities. 

7.  Inclusive Leadership: We still see that the expectations of leaders in organizations are probably too high. People still say change needs to start at the top. We as an employee make ourselves too much dependent on our leaders. Leaders can also help here to make leadership more inclusive. It’s not about leadership from the top, but it’s about the leadership of everybody. How can we make leadership a shared responsibility in the organization? 

8.  Productivity: There is a war for talent. Well, if there is a war for talent, we would see more focus on productivity. The potential of many people in organizations is not fully utilized. There is still a lot of opportunities. So, with more focus on using potential and productivity, we need to hire few people. We will earn a bit more money as well. So, focus on productivity. But also, beyond.

9.  A tougher approach to diversity and equal opportunities: For many years, we have been trying to enhance the number of women in leadership positions. it’s growing, but very Slow. If we look at the research, the differences in income between men and women employees, there is a significant gap. We need more women, but also people of color and a more diverse team at the top of the organization.

10.Corporate and employee activism: In many organizations, HR is very inwardly focused. Some employees in organizations contribute to society. They don’t only focus on their own benefits but also help to make the world and society better. We have an opportunity there as an HR. we can use our talent to help inside but also help outside. It helps if the top people in the organization also are activists a little bit. Then we can help our organization and we can help society. There are so many issues where we can contribute.


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