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Importance of Communication Skills

Effective communication is one of the most important people skills. Communication is defined as transferring information/knowledge to produce understanding among…

By Shobha Singh , in Blog Soft Skills , at February 28, 2022

Effective communication is one of the most important people skills. Communication is defined as transferring information/knowledge to produce understanding among people. It can be done verbally, through writing, and visually or non-verbally. All of these means of communication are essential Soft Skills that are very important for a successful life.

Having strong, effective communication skills aids in all aspects of life – from personal life to professional life and all that falls in between. Effective communication skills are essential to make people understand information more accurately and quickly. In one survey conducted by LinkedIn in 2016 in the United States, communication skills topped the list of the most sought-after soft skills among employers.

There are ways to improve communication skills

  • Listening – to become an effective communicator, it is very important to be an active listener. Active listening is giving meaning to the sentence. So, pay close attention to what others are saying and clarify all your doubts by reshaping their questions for better understanding.  
  • Conciseness – convey your message in short sentences, to the point. Do not use filler words. Better you avoid speaking excessively and do not use words that may confuse the audience.
  • Body language – is a very important part of communication. So, use positive body language, like making eye contact, using hand gestures, and watching the tone of voice while communicating with others. A relaxed body posture with a friendly tone will help in making you look friendly with others. Eye contact while communicating with people indicates that you are focused on the conversation. At the same time be very sure that don’t stare at the person as it can make him/her uncomfortable.  
  • Confidence – be authentic and confident in what you say and in your communication interactions with others. Being confident can be as easy as maintaining eye contact, maintaining a relaxed body posture, and talking with concision. Avoid trying to be aggressive or demeaning while communicating with people.
  • Open-mindedness – In a situation where you disagree with what someone else has to say, whether it be with your friend, an employer, or a co-worker, it is very important to empathize with their point of view rather than just try to get your message across. Respect the opinion of others and never resort to depreciating those who do not agree with you.
  • Respect – respecting what others have to say and admitting them is an important aspect of communication. Being humble can be as simple as paying attention to what they have to say, using the person’s name, and not being distracted. By respecting others, the other person will feel valued, which will lead to a more authentic and productive conversation.
  • Using the correct medium – it is important to choose the right medium to communicate. Especially when you are going to make a difficult/serious conversation. E.g. Layoffs, salary changes, etc. for serious issues always have a face-to-face discussion than sending an email regarding the matter.

Succeeding in your life needs effective communication skills. You need to know what you want and how you are going to achieve it. Being an excellent communicator can lift your career.

Effective communication skills can help you land an interview and clear the selection process. Being able to articulate well provides a substantial advantage! To do your job efficiently, you have to discuss problems, interact with others, and have good human relations skills – these are all part of having good communication skills. They help in being understood well and in helping understand the needs of others.

Although the disadvantages of poorly communicating with others may not be deceptive in the short term, it has a paralyzing effect on the workplace in the long term. There are some signs of bad communication:

  • Lack of specific communication
  • Using the incorrect mediums to convey important information
  • Passive-aggressive communication
  • Blaming and threatening others
  • Failing to listen

We are aware of the need for and importance of effective communication as it is a universal phenomenon. Nowadays communication is playing a vigorous role in every walk of an individual. Wherever life is, communication also exists.

There are many changes taking place in the corporate world; it has become a significant tool in the management analysis and managerial process. While seeing all these aspects, the success of any business/profession depends upon the right communication.

Most of the working hours (70–90 %) are spent on some kind of communication. We are reading, writing, and listening to our co-workers/clients, or having one-tone conversations with supervisors.

To have command in communication that particular individual should have knowledge about language skills specifically Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing as it is the root of all kinds of effective communication.


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