Interpersonal skills are often referred to as social intelligence

Interpersonal skills are one of the core career development tools. Whether you are a manager, entrepreneur, or looking for a job. Interpersonal skills are important for communication and relationship success.

Interpersonal skills are the basis for success in life. People with strong interpersonal skills are inclined to be able to work well with other people, in professional life as well as personal life. They communicate effectively with others, whether customers, colleagues, friends, or family. They maintain better relationships at work and at home.  

Interpersonal skills are often referred to as social skills, people skills, soft skills. The skills which we use to communicate and interact with other people.

What are the interpersonal skills?

Interpersonal skills are also known as people skills or soft skills, how well you communicate, interact and relate to others.

Someone with extraordinary interpersonal skills might be said to have a high PQ for interpersonal intelligence.

There are many types of interpersonal skills. Some of the great interpersonal skills might be able to

       Speak so people listen

       Decode body language

       Negotiate easily

       Be highly charismatic

       Have high empathy

       Be socially assertive

       Read facial expressions

       Be more likable

The big question is can someone actually improve his/her interpersonal skills? If so, how?

Absolutely you can greatly improve your PQ. Unlike IQ, PQ can be developed. You don’t need to be born with extraordinary interpersonal skills to have high interpersonal intelligence.

Best way to improve interpersonal skills is by breaking them up into three pieces.

First Piece – Verbal communication: This is a very important piece of communication, how do we communicate with our words? From negotiations to interviews and chit-chat in the room being able to communicate effectively is essential.

There are two aspects of verbal communication. Understanding what to say and how to say it.

People with high interpersonal intelligence are verbally talented. They can cool someone down, answer difficult interview questions, and ask for away with ease and confidence. They also know how to articulate their words, so people listen.

Let’s do a self-test. 1-being horrible and 5-being incredible

Could you rate your verbal communication? Are you a verbal ninja? Rate yourself now.

Second Piece – Nonverbal Communication: Body language is an essential interpersonal skill and makes up the unspoken aspects of our communication. Nonverbal communication is not just how we move our body, it also consists of our facial expressions and voice tone. People who are very gifted nonverbally are able to control both their own body language cues and decode other people’s cues.

Let’s rate your nonverbal skills. Scale from one to five, 1-horrible 5-incredible

How would you rate your nonverbal intelligence? Are you great at decoding nonverbal cues? In another word how are you controlling your body language? Rate yourself now.

The third Piece – Relationship Management: Relationships are two ways. You must be able to set a boundary, communicate your needs, and socially be assertive. That’s where high emotional intelligence comes in. at the same time, you also need to be empathetic, read others’ needs, and respond with authenticity.  

Scale from one to five, 1-horrible 5-incredible

How would you rate your relationship management? Are you happy with your current relationships? Are you able to express yourself, set boundaries? Rate yourself now. 

Now a total of your rating

If you excel in all three personal skills, you would have a total of 12-15 points

12 to 15 = Excellent!

This is the highest score you can get. And if you give yourself 12-15 points. I would say your interpersonal skills are excellent. You are a pro and consider mentoring others.

If you add up your total and get 9-11 points. Then your interpersonal needs a little work.

9 to 11 = Room for improvement

Try to target one piece that is most important for your day-to-day success, and start there.

If you score less than 8 points. Then your interpersonal desperately needs help. Infect you have the most room for transformational success.

Investing in your people skills could be the greatest step in your career. Here to start. I want you to start with your most urgent Piece.

Which is most urgent for you?

Verbal communication

Nonverbal communication

Relationship management

Which Piece do you use most on a daily basis? Pick one and start working on it.

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